1. Introduction
  2. Body modeling basics & Registration
  3. Vertex based models
  4. Modelling appearance & Advanced topics: Kinect Fitting
  5. Advanced topics: DYNA + DMPL
  6. Advanced Topics: MoSh
  7. Conclusions
  8. Code instructions

3D body model & Code:

Participants will leave the tutorial with a state-of-the-art body model that can be used for animation and computer vision. The SMPL body model, documentation, and code is available here

We are continuing to add new material. Coming soon: Python code and examples of using SMPL for vision problems.

Participants who want to use the body model directly at the workshop and get hands-on help, should make sure that their laptop has all the needed material. The code is in Python. The most up-to-date information is on the SMPL page above.

System Requirements:

Operating system: OSX, Linux

Python Dependencies:

Additional resources :